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Sam Hired as Frameline Film Festival Programmer

Sam enthusiastically joined the Programming team at Frameline: the San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival as a Programming Consultant and Host in 2019 and as a full Programmer in 2020, taking the lead on transgender feature films, the Transtastic Shorts Program, and co-curating Enby Love: the Non-Binary Shorts Program. Now you can find him on stage at the Bay Area Frameline venues doing film introductions and running Q&A sessions. Dream position. Dream festival.

Context: I first volunteered as an usher at Frameline in 2006, then interned and worked the festival during grad school, and was on one of the shorts screening committees for many years. All of my films have premiered at Frameline and I've met life-long friends and colleagues through the festival. Frameline is where I grew up as a queer person, a trans person, and a filmmaker, and where I began my career as a festival professional. After 7 years running Translations Film Festival and working at Three Dollar Bill Cinema and the Seattle Queer Film Festival, I couldn't be more grateful and excited to be back at my roots with Frameline's phenomenal programming team.

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