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Sam Participates in Outlaws: A Photo Project

outlaws: a photo project - REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL LIVES

by noah the outlaw, Dana Schnittman

"I am a queer trans* guy based in Oakland, CA. In the past year there have been several amazing photo projects showcasing queer and trans*-identified individuals. These have been crucial to the visibility of our community so that people throughout the world can see that we are real human beings. These projects have done an excellent job of showcasing queer and trans* people in a positive and empowering light. Yet, most of these projects only give us an image, and perhaps a few words, about the participants. And I want more. I want to show the world that we are more than just a picture and a few identifying terms. I want to show the world that we are real and that we do things! And this is how Outlaws came to be. Outlaws is meant to show the world that gender non-conformists are real people who do real things. We’re artists, we’re professionals, we’re activists, we’re a lot of different things. And I want you to get to know us better. The idea of the project is to spend a day with an individual, photographing and getting to know them and then presenting them to you."

Check out Sam's profile here!

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