Sam Speaks at The Viewpoint School's Diversity & Leadership Day

Genderbusters: Let’s Bust The Binary!

There has been a huge boom in transgender visibility and discussions in the past few years and it can be a bit overwhelming for those who are new to the topic. Join us for a presentation that combines transgender terminology and concepts, personal narrative, and short films for a session of learning and gender expansion for all. Through the use of short films that combine humor and honesty to tackle tricky concepts, as well as a few interactive games, you’ll come to realize that we all have a gender, whether or not is it something that aligns with our bodies. Come away with a working vocabulary, renewed empathy for gender non-conforming folks, and tips for how to be a good ally!

Presenter: Sam Berliner (Filmmaker at Donut Films & Film Festival Programmer at Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Seattle, WA)

Learn more about The Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California here.

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